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Please ensure we have your latest contact information--especially your e-mail address--so we can keep you informed about upcoming events. Otherwise, you may not hear about important dates, news, and information, which are always communicated by e-mail and this website. Understandably, we want to spend our limited time, energy, and resources on hosting memorable events rather than repeatedly tracking people down.

Consider sending a note to your classmates, by sending us an e-mail at Seagulls@EHS1967.com. If you like, we will post your message on the Notes & Messages page.

Your personal contact information is always kept offline in the strictest confidence, and used only for EHS Class of 1967 communications. See our Privacy Policy. Thank you for visiting. We hope to see you soon.

Note--You can contact any Classmate individually by e-mail at firstname.lastname@EHS1967.com, but only if we have their e-mail address on file. For example: steve.peterson@EHS1967.com or kathy.romstad@EHS1967.com. If we don't have their e-mail address we'll let you know.



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