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Joćo Luiz Sandri (John, Joe), 08/19/2014

Dear Classmates,

I would for sure choose the "65th Birthday Party", as I will be turning 65 next Sunday 24th... But you might agree with me that we are very far from Everett,  but I would really like to see you all.

In fact I am planning to be in Everett in November, when I will have a meeting in New York, and will make a round trip, going from Brazil to Everett and then to NYC.  My main purpose in this visit to Everett is to visit Mr. Harry Stuchell "Dad", who turned 90 on May 24th, and for many reasons I failed in being there and promised to visit him at this time.

So I will be very pleased to know all that is happening with the EHS1967, and participating how we can, for example in a Viber Facetime Call, as I did with the Stuchell Familiy at their party. And who knows, I can see also some of you in November.

Best for you all,
JOHN  ( Joćo Luiz Sandri )
AFS Student from Brazil EHS '67

Dan Alexander, 06/04/2014
Hi Class:  I am sorry to convey that Dr. Carl Larson passed away from brain cancer after fighting it for more than three years. He recovered well for several years, but recently took a turn for the worse. This is the obituary published Monday. He established the Raleigh Regional Cancer Center, and drew patients from a long way because of the clinic's reputation and success.

If you remember, Carl had a difficult line to toe at Everett High, with his uncle, Mr. Larson, as the Boy's Counselor. Carl worked hard and was very successful. The visitation was packed today with friends and extended family.



MAPLE FORK — Dr. Carl Larson, 65, of Maple Fork, WV passed away Friday, May 30, 2014.

Born November 16, 1948, in San Jose, CA, he was the son of the late Hartman and Elsie Wahrgren Larson.

In addition to his parents he was preceded in death by his daughter, Emma Alexandra Larson, in 2005.

Dr. Larson grew up in Everett, WA, and graduated from Everett High School. He graduated from Pacific Lutheran University and Loyola University Medical School where he served his residency. He moved to Beckley in 1980 working at the Southern West Virginia Clinic. He later became one of the founders of Raleigh Regional Cancer Center. He was a member of St. Luke Lutheran Church.

Dr. Larson is survived by his wife, Jeanne Wriston Larson; daughter, Krista Larson Morris and husband Matthew of Beckley; son, Timothy William Larson of Columbus, OH; stepdaughters, Kacey Hess and husband Isaac of Beckley and Mallory Proctor of Prosperity; sister, Carolee Shevlin and husband John of Palm Springs, CA; grandchildren, Maddox and Everly Morris, Hayden and Lincoln Proctor, Hadley Hess; nieces, Rosemary and Nancy Shevlin; great-niece Mia and other extended family.

Friends may visit with the family from 4 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, 2014, at the United Methodist Temple, 201 Templeview Drive, Beckley. A private family service will be held on Wednesday, June 3, 2014.

The family suggests that memorial contributions be made to Hospice of Southern West Virginia, P.O. Box 1472, Beckley, WV 25802, or St. Luke Lutheran Church, 700 Maxwell Hill Road, Beckley, WV 25801.

Online condolences may be left at www.calfeefh.com. Arrangements by Calfee Funeral Home.

Roxanne, 09/13/2013
You have a great links page at http://www.ehs1967.com/cars.htm. My name is Roxanne, and I am a science teacher in Oklahoma. I also try and write helpful (hopefully!) articles and guides whenever I find a topic I think I can help with. I have bookmarked some of your links for future reference and projects. Thanks.

Reunion Committee, 07/06/2013
We've discovered the "Contact Us" form previously used on this website stopped working some time back due to unknown causes. If you have sent us updated contact information during the past 12-months, please resend it to Seagulls@EHS1967.com (see Contact Us). We are gearing up our planning efforts for more events, and appreciate your help in keeping our contact list up-to-date. We look forward to seeing all of you again soon. Thank you!

Bill Hughes, 03/15/2013
Like any website, this one has a tendency to "break" all by itself on occasion, in response to ever-changing, uncontrollable, and unforeseen conditions in the Internet "wild". Fonts suddenly change, pages and menus stop working, and layouts shift. If you see anything that appears out of place, or is perhaps working improperly, please send us a note. Thanks!

Don "DW" Carter, 08/23/2012
I am an Everett man born and an Everett man 'til I die. Although I have lived in other parts of the United States and the Netherlands, as well as traveled a fair amount, Everett is and always will be home.

John "Skip" Sponek, 08/18/2012
Still kickin'.

Maureen [Morrison] Rainville, 08/06/2012
It's nice to catch up sometimes. I look forward to a fun evening.

Margaret [Gish] Campbell, 07/29/2012
I always enjoy visiting with classmates and hearing about each life's path and adventures. I find it fascinating that my childhood friendships, those relationships that helped shape who I became as an adult, remain important to me. And it's also interesting to me that even though we have each made different choices, taken different paths, I can relate to some part/s of everyone's story. I'm wondering, do you think it's our shared history of time and place that keeps bringing us back? I'm looking forward to August 11th and seeing you all. Thank you, reunion committee, for making this happen.

Cathy [Voie] Eisenman, 07/29/2012
I found you in my email, of course! Thanks for keeping me posted. Looking forward to seeing everybody next month!

Jane [Perin] Weight, 07/29/2012
I would love to hear from classmates; I am unable to attend this year but hope to be there for the 50th.

Eugenia [Merkel] Macrae-Smith, 07/29/2012
I attended EHS through my junior year, but graduated from Cascade. I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Janet [Howard] Zuvela, 07/29/2012
I am really looking forward to seeing classmates from the Class of '67. I keep in contact with a few through Facebook, and always run into Dolly [Zevenbergen] Gay at Lilly's Garden Chinese Restaurant on N. Broadway! Seems we have the same great taste in food!

Margie [Keefe] Lambert, 07/26/2012
I'm looking forward to seeing all the old friends. Thanks for doing all of this.

Dallas Salisbury, 07/17/2012
I am sorry to say that Stephanie and I will not be able to attend in August.  We were looking forward to it, and will be with all of you in spirit on that evening.  Have a wonderful time.

RE Carl Larson, 07/14/2012
"Dr. Carl S. Larson cut the ribbon to kick off the Relay for Life's annual cancer survivor's walk Friday evening at Crossroads Mall in Bradley." Follow this link to read the full article in the Bradley, WV newspaper:  Story link.
Carl's EHS 1967 classmates sincerely wish him our very best toward a full and timely recovery. Thanks to Dan Alexander for bringing this story to our attention.

Bob Lee, 07/06/2012
Looking forward to our reunion and a good turnout.

Dick Pouliot, 07/03/2012
Just restored a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda, same year as our graduation. What a trip.

Janet [Howard] Zuvela, 07/03/2012
Thank you to all of my classmates who continue getting together and planning these events. It's wonderful to see that as we have gotten older, it doesn't matter who we hung out with in school or who our best friends were. Now we are all just classmates. There are no boundaries or cliques, just classmates. I guess time has changed all of us...not just how we look or how much we weigh or how much hair we have left...those things don't matter anymore. We are all classmates and friends.

Betty [Towle] Smith, 06/07/2012
I received the invite for our 45th class reunion. Unfortunately, we will be on vacation during the month of August. I wanted to notify you that my address/contact information is correct. Have a great time at the reunion.

Wayne Henneck, 06/05/2012
All the best to my old friends and classmates. I won't be able to make it to the 45th reunion, but will be thinking of you. I know a great time will be had by all.

Bill Houghton, 06/04/2012
May happiness and health be with you all!

Julie [Dickey] Firouzi, 06/04/2012
I am looking forward to seeing everybody in August for our 45th. I had such a good time at our 40th, and I can't believe it has been five years ago already.

Mary Jo [Saunders] Sneddon, 06/04/2012
Thanks to the committee for the website, from all of us out-of-staters!

Margaret [Gish] Campbell, 06/03/2012
I'm looking forward to seeing many of you in August. I hope that those of you who have not attended our reunions will join us this year. You have been missed!

Mark Stevens, 06/03/2012
We were 18 and 19 in 1968. Could it have been any better . . . or any worse?

Paul Carlin, 06/03/2012
Have a great time at the 45th. Lots of fun and laughs. At this time I won't be able to attend from sunny Florida. Best of health and wishes.

Kathleen [Lund] Czoski, 06/02/2012
Some of you may remember that I was a serious cellist during HS, studied privately in Seattle, and joined the Seattle Youth Symphony. Larry Edwards, and Bruce Bekker, both fine pianists in our class, were friends and accompanists for auditions and recitals. I was able to realize my dream of becoming a professional cellist. My picture is in the 1967 Nesika, with me holding my cello like a guitar. It's been a long time since I've contacted some of you. I look forward to hearing about your personal journeys.

Kathy [Jensen] Marambe, 06/02/2012
Thanks for all the great work organizing these reunions and birthday celebrations. Since we were only living in Everett for 2 years, I have not kept in touch much, but all your efforts to keep us connected is really appreciated.

Alice [Peters] Quist, 06/02/2012
I am retiring this year after a long career in elementary education. My husband is also newly retired from a career in Planned Giving. He is beginning a new part time career as a Planned Giving Consultant. I'll be helping him with his business and enjoying traveling around the world with him. We have two grown children. Our daughter lives and works near San Francisco and our son is currently living in New Zealand with hopes of traveling to Australia and then north into Asia. I regret that I will not be able to attend the upcoming reunion, but I wish everyone well and remember you all very fondly!

Glenna [Ross] Boldrick, 06/02/2012
So glad to be attending another EHS reunion. Looking forward to seeing old classmates. Time has flown and life is good!

Barbara [Baker] Corallo
I am out of the office until the following working day. (Standard email auto-reply since 2006.)

Mary Kaye [Hurley] Dahmen, 03/21/2012
Hope I can get to the reunion this year.

Sandra [Bogdanovich] Swanson, 03/20/2012
Looking forward to our 45-year reunion.

Beverly [McNeil] Carman, 03/06/2012
Looking forward to the reunion in August. Keep me posted!

Dan Alexander, 02/08/2012
Is there anyone interested in doing an inside passage cruise to Alaska, after the 45-Year Reunion? Anna and I are thinking of booking a trip.

Toni Oliver Woodhull, 02/07/2012
Hi, love this website . Would like to send an email to Don Stevens. Wish you would come to a reunion again. How are you and your family? What are you doing now? I am looking forward to retiring from the hospital. I have been here 19 years now. You cross my mind and I wonder how you and yours are. Would love to hear from you.

Richard Layton, 02/07/2012
Always good to hear and see old (really young) classmates.

Julie [Dickey] Firouzi, 02/07/2012
I am amazed at how quickly time flies. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in August.

Bill Hughes, 02/02/2012

Hello everyone. If you're reading this note, you've arrived at the second generation of our class website, which went live in February 2012. The first version went live in June 2006, in support of our then-upcoming 40-year Class Reunion. Since then, we've enjoyed tens-of-thousands of visits from all over the U.S. and around the world. I plan to continue designing, authoring, maintaining, hosting, and funding this site on behalf of our class, for as long as I'm able to. I hope you like it, and that it's made it much easier for you to stay in touch and informed about class events.


There are hundreds of EHS 1967s out there, including at least five other Everett High Schools (Everett, CA; Palm City, FL; Everett, MA; Lansing, MI; Everett, PA; and Maryville, TN), but ours appears first whenever anyone does a search on Google or other major Internet search engine. That's because in 2006 I purchased and registered the EHS1967.com web domain on our class's behalf, before anyone else claimed it. We're also cross-linked on a number of other websites, including Wikipedia, Everett Public Schools, and a host of alumni sites.


Visitors are strongly urged to leave messages on the Guestbook, send us a note on the Contact Us form, or simply send us an e-mail. Also, please note we need classmate e-mail addresses if they have one, or they may not hear about some future news and upcoming events. As postage costs rise, and mailing addresses continually change, e-mail has become vital to our staying in touch on a timely and cost-effective basis.


EHS 1967 classmates are urged to share bits of their lives with us, by contributing to our "Memoirs & More" and "Humor" pages, by sending us photos or links to third-party photo sites, and by sending us letters like this one, which can be posted on this page for friends and classmates to read. For any website content you would like to contribute or see added, please contact us. Contributors will receive full credit for any significant content and ideas used on the site.


I'm a semi-retired Fortune 100 business executive, management consultant, writer, amateur photographer, and Mensan, with a strong inner-geek. I've never done hands-on website creation before, except herein and for my own use, and I'm sure that's painfully obvious on these pages. However, I really enjoy learning and doing challenging new things. Even old dogs can learn new tricks.


Working with our reunions, our committee members, and sponsoring this website, has been great fun. Please extend a big thanks to your past and present Reunion Committee (RC) members, who agonize for many months beforehand over how to bring you the best, and most memorable, cost-effective reunion experiences possible. In alphabetical order, your current RC members are:


Sue [Jensen] Aaby Co-chair
Don Carter Secretary, Scribe & Co-chair
Dave Dorsey Treasurer & Co-chair
Bill Hughes Communications & Co-chair
Steve Juntila Entertainment & Co-chair
Annette Kerber Co-chair
Pete Knehr Co-chair
Sue [Moe] Mason Co-chair
Lorna [Eagan] McGowan-Smith Co-chair
Steve Peterson Class President & Chair
Kathy [Stewart] Romstad Co-chair
Susie [Peterson] Schmidt Co-chair

Bob Lee, 11/08/2011Vote for Honest Don Carter
Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed Don's essay (see Memoirs & More). I thought you would like to make our class aware that Don was recently successful in his campaign for the Board of Directors at Everett Golf and Country Club. I'm sure the plaque of Don (even though it looked like shameless self-promotion) was very helpful. Congratulations to Don! Looking forward to our 45-Year Reunion next year.

Mrs. Sarah Davis, 02/25/2011

I wanted to tell you that, as a driver's education teacher, I've been using your page on classic cars: (http://www.ehs1967.com/cars.htm). I've compiled a list of resources for an assignment that I will give the students, allowing them to write one paper of their choice, associated with motor vehicles of their liking. One student in particular has a strong interest in classic cars. On that topic, here's a good page my student found, which you might want to include on your website: The Ultimate E-book for Car Information - http://www.carinsurance.org/. There are multiple references to classic cars, which my student is especially interested in, as well as information on car collecting, restorations, car shows, safe driving, history, and more. Each tab offers a lot of interesting material. Happy 2011!

Thank you, Mrs. Davis! I like the site you recommended, and I put a link to it on our webpage. Happy 2011 to you and your students, too! Bill Hughes, EHS 1967.


Bob Lee, 09/08/2009Carter's surprise party canceled for lack of interest and friends

On September 10th Donald (aka Carter the Great) will turn 60. I know my good dear friend would appreciate any and all wishes from the class of 67. Once again due to lack of interest I was unable to organize a fitting party for Donald. I know that all of us wish Donald a speedy recuperation from his shoulder surgery (rumor has it that it was self inflicted damage by throwing his golf clubs in anger). In closing I know that all of us wish Donald the very best and hope that he gets everything he deserves. Bob.


Cathy [Voie] Eisenman, 08/30/2009

I had dinner with my cousin last night. She flew up from LA to attend her 60th EHS reunion, which is being held at the VFW this afternoon. I asked her if she knew who would be attending. She said "no" and kind of raised her eyebrows as if she was thinking "I hope some others besides me". Thanks for always keeping us informed. It is so nice to have a clue so we know who to look forward to seeing. I hope you'll still be doing this when we are 78!!


Loren Bogart, 08/09/2009

Thanks for all your effort for our class. I was up in Nootka sound fishing for a week so I couldn't make the party, but it is nice to be able to follow on-line, Thanks again.


Lorna [Eagen] McGowan-Smith, 08/08/2009

Great party, and as always it was wonderful to see all who were there. I'm up for any additional events that the organizing committee might be interested in bringing on. I know it's a huge amount of work for you all, and I wish I lived closer so that I could help out. Kudos and big thanks to the entire committee. You all make me smile.


Don Carter, 08/07/2009

The Incorruptible and generous Bob Lee on his 60th birthdayAs some of you know, I sometimes kid my good friend, the incorruptible and generous Bob Lee, about being tight-fisted. This is done in jest as Bob always thinks of others first. While he is known as “DR. GREED” by all at Everett Golf and Country Club, it is merely a term of endearment. I do wish to thank him for generously posting an ad in the Herald on the day of the event (click thumbnail at left); however I was not surprised by this display of the obvious affection he has for all of his classmates. I also note that Bob used his favorite portrait in a pose that most all of us who know him well have seen many times over the years. I am, as always, truly humbled by the magnanimous gesture of Bob on the day of our party. I would hope that you will share this email and the attachment with all of our class so that they will know the high esteem in which I hold Bob. Regards, DW


From Bob Lee, advisor, confidant, close personal friend, and future cell mate of Don Carter



Diane [Durr] Coker, 08/07/2009

Hi - Had a good time at the 60th party. Good to see so many of our classmates. Any chance of putting names under the photos from the party? My memory, "She ain't what she used to be!" Have a great rest of the summer.

Well, Diane, you are by no means the first to suggest names on the photos! Now, if we can just remember to get that done... Huh? What were we talking about?


Diane O'Farrell, 05/12/2009

I regret to inform you that my brother [Dennis O'Farrell] died in February 2005, after a long battle with M.S.

Dear Diane, please accept our condolences. EHS Class of 1967.


Julie [Dickey] Firouzi, 03/17/2009

Hello Friends, I plan to be at the 60th Birthday Party in July and I can't wait to see you all again . . . . . Sue Moe Mason, Nikki Koster Mickey, Noel Brown Downey and so many more of you.


Teresa [Mallang] Jones, 03/01/2009

All my husband and I do is spend time building and enjoying old cars -- street rods, etc. In fact, I joke that I live in a garage, which is kind of true. We have about 2,000 sq. ft. of living area, and about 7,000 sq. ft. of garage. A very nice way to live, but like back in the 50's. I still found time for 3 stepchildren (a stepson deceased), 5 grandsons, 3 great-granddaughters, and 4 cats -- Caprice, Harley, Chevelle, and Suzy Q. In addition, a banking career, managing our auto repair shop for 25 years, and just having a lot of fun. I was very fortunate to marry my best friend, Jess Jones. TJ


Lorna [Egan] McGowan-Smith, 01/03/2009

Hi. I'm looking forward to the [60th] b'day party . . . let me know as it gets closer if there's anything I can do to help from w-a-y up here in the wilds of Ferndale, OK? Thanks to you and the others for all your good work. Lorna.


John Roberts, 11/12/2008

[From the Guestbook] I have found this site by following up the history of one of my ancestors. He was Enoch "Baggy" Bagshaw and he was coach to Everett High football team in the years after World War One. He went on to great feats in the national arena (I'm sure there will be many out there who know more than I do about his achievements.) He was originally from North Wales U.K. (as am I ) and his father Francis was the brother of my great grandmother. I am trying to find out as much as possible about him and maybe make contact with some of his descendants and other relations. Any information gratefully received. John Roberts (Flint, Flintshire U.K.)


Hello John, Thank you for signing our guestbook on www.EHS1967.com! Here are a few links about your ancestor, “Baggy” Bagshaw, . . .














I wish there were more here about the man than about the coach, but it is what it is. By the way, my own ancestors came from Wales in 1697, landing in Pennsylvania. They were Quakers, who fled persecution (hanging) by the King. We've since lost touch with all relatives in Wales and England. Take care. Bill Hughes


Thanks Bill. As you say, it would be nice to find out about Enoch the man, but, nevertheless, your help is much appreciated. I am slowly putting together some facts about the Bagshaw family but is is not easy at such a distance. I have some military facts about Enoch and some other relatives in WWI but beyond that he is a mystery. He did seem to find fame (if not fortune) by moving to the USA. The Internet is a great help of course and it is relatively easy to get in touch with generous people like yourself who give of their time to help me out. Thanks again and Best Wishes, John Roberts (Flint, Flintshire U.K.)


Margaret [Gish] Campbell, 09/21/2008

[I think you're right about all the interesting stories among EHS '67 classmates]. I wonder how many of us actually lived the life we thought we would when we were back in high school. And yet, no matter how diverse our courses, I bet we've all learned a lot of the same lessons. I like [the] 'charge' to have fun and find the humor in life. Well, there is a group of us from EHS who get together every summer, usually at my lake place, for 3 or 4 days. We started this after our reunion at the little fire station on the waterfront. We've taken that charge to heart as each year we go swimming, ski-doing, kayaking, hiking, biking (Hiawatha Trail this summer), and even jumping off a bridge. The conversations, tears, and laughter we share are priceless. A year ago, Jeep and Katie were on the lake (Coeur d'Alene) and joined us for dinner. It turned out to be their 25th wedding anniversary. What good sports! It really has been amazing how easily we all picked up where we left off in high school. Some of my best memories come from these get-togethers and it all started with a reunion. Who knows, your hard work in putting on our 40th may have encouraged others to rekindle old friendships. I hope so.


Susan [Myers] Williams, 09/10/2008

Thank you for sharing [the meeting minutes]. I get such a laugh. Wish I could attend the meetings. (Living in West Richland, WA)


Mary [Saunders] Snedden, 09/06/2008

If the [July 28, 2008] minutes are any reflection of the true meeting you had better get a big place for the birthday party because you seem to be gathering steam. Look forward to it.


Bill Mott, 07/06/2008

My wife is an alumni of EHS 1968 and hasn't heard anything from them [about a 40-year reunion]. Do you know who to contact?

Reply - We understand a few former EHS Class of 1968 officers chose not to lead a 40-year event. Instead of counting on a couple of your former classmates to take charge, why don't the rest of you get together and organize your own event? There's no rule that says only certain individuals can put together a class reunion. You don't need anyone's permission to have a great time with your former EHS classmates.


Larry Edwards, 06/20/2008

I just ran across the Class of ’67 website. So sorry I missed the reunion! I moved away from Everett after graduating from Seattle Pacific and lost contact with everyone from the class. I’ve registered on the website. I looked at the links for individuals. Maybe you could add mine in case anyone is looking for information (I’m also artistic director of the Memphis Symphony Chorus). I’m glad I’m “in the loop” about any further events.


Karen [Phillips] Wick, 08/28/2007

Hi - Karen Phillips Wick here -- SHS Class of '67, but if I had not moved to Snohomish in the 8th grade, I would have graduated at EHS with all of you. We just had our 40th also and I enjoyed viewing your website -- you've done an outstanding job. I forwarded it to individuals on our planning committee so they can see what an outstanding job you did (and a small hint to them). You may not remember me but we did go to school together. I lived on 28th & Chestnut in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades, then moved to Snohomish. Prior to that I lived on 23rd and Oakes. I occasionally see a few EHS Classmates, which is always fun since so much of my childhood was spent in Everett. Anyway -- looking at your website was great fun ... I enjoyed seeing a few people I recognized.


Dale Rice, 08/10/2007

It was great seeing everyone again. Thanks again for the work in putting it together. It was more fun than I expected. Good job.


Lorna [Eagan] McGowan-Smith, 07/24/2007

I can't tell you how happy I am that I decided to go to our 40th reunion. Many thanks to the committee for all your hard work. I had only been to the 20th reunion prior to this, and this certainly took the "best of breed" award. It was just a terrific time seeing old friends and acquaintances. There were a few old friends that I wish had been there (some who are, unfortunately, lost to us now) but - wow - you sure can't beat those who WERE there. Cindy, Noel (both Noel's), Sue, Harold, Earl, Sherry, Dina, Bill, Charlie and many more - you all looked wonderful. What a great bunch of groovy "old" (ha!) people. I'd be interested in a 45th gathering, if there's enough interest. I live in the boonie's of Ferndale, but would be happy to help out long-distance if needed.


Paul Carlin, 07/21/2007

After working for 37 years, including my four years in the Air Force, I retired from the Everett Post Office. I've been married going on 28 years, next February. We have one daughter and two grandsons. Our youngest grandson, Ashton, turned one month old, yesterday. Our oldest grandson, Bailey, will be six in August. We moved to Florida to get out of the rain, to get to the hurricanes (ha ha). My daughter and grandsons are staying with us while their daddy is in Iraq. He was supposed to be home for good in June, but was extended until September. I'll be coming back to Washington next month for about two weeks, helping get my daughter settled. I'm sorry I missed the reunion. The most important things to me are my family and good health. I wish all my former classmates the best of luck with the same.


Sherry [Schnacker] Weiss, 07/18/2007

Thank you very much for making the 40-year Class Reunion a reunion I'll never ever forget, for the rest of my life. Wow! I wouldn't have missed it - what a memorable treat! Warm regards, Sherry.

Sherry, you're very welcome and thank you so much for attending. Not only did we have a blast putting the reunion together, the fact so many classmates and guests enjoyed it makes us very happy. Thank you!


Cynthia [Berentson] Aanestad, 07/18/2007

Thanks to the committee again for all of its hard work. It really was the best reunion we've had. Just sorry there was no dancing - I had practiced the shingaling and pony for weeks!


Janice [Jasper] Legg, 07/18/2007

What a great event! Thank you so much for all your hard work.


Annette Kerber, 07/16/2007

Please read. I sent a thank you to the school district for the [July 14, 2007] tour.

"Ms. Kerber, I am glad that your tour went well. I am sorry that I was out of town and could not stop in. We are working on a project highlighting the accomplishments of our alumni in hopes that they will inspire current students. You can see our project on the EHS homepage. http://www.everett.k12.wa.us/everetthigh/. If you send me an address, I can mail you brochures for the project. I would love to see members of the class of 67 on our website." [Signed] Catherine.

David Weatherholt, 07/13/2007

Hi - I’ve been looking forward to attending this reunion. Unfortunately, business is going to prevent me from getting down to Everett at this time. Starting the first ever professional football team in Alaska, even though it is a minor league team, has taken all of my time. I’ve gone from a single person with a vision to an organization with $1.2 million budget, 25 football players, 16 cheerleaders, coaches, sales and accounting people moving into the last weeks of our first season. What a wild ride - it has had more ups and downs than any roller coaster, and I hate roller coasters, but as they say it builds character. I didn’t think I needed that much character building!. Please pass on my regards to the class with my regrets for not being there. You can follow my ride by going to www.goakwild.com. Stay in touch.


Ginny (and John) Bond, 07/11/2007

Thanks so much for all your work on the reunion. John and I are here in Oxford (England) so we won't be able to be there this weekend. It would have been fun and we look forward to seeing pictures and whatever else is put online afterward. Please ask the committee to keep the class of '68 in mind as you clean out your committee notes, brainstorming lists, etc. We will begin our planning sometime soon. Thanks again for all your work! Have a fun weekend!


Laurence McKenrick, 07/07/2007

This will be my first class reunion. I served in the United States Navy for over twenty years, retiring in October 1989. I worked my way through college and have received my A.S., B.S., and M.S. degrees from various junior, senior, and graduate-level schools. I retired from the Navy as a Chief Hospitalman (Corpsman) with over 20 years of Honorable service. I currently work for Public Health - Seattle & King County - in the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program. I have worked at this public health occupation for nearly 18 years. And, I want to say I can hardly wait 7years 10 months and 10 days to retire a second time around, so I can "eat beans and howl at the moon." I'm a little apprehensive about the reunion. I'm afraid I won't know anyone there. Please do not bother looking for my graduation picture because I couldn't afford one to put in the Nesika. Mahalo.

Reasons for attending reunion: This will be my first high school reunion.

Note--There were nearly 100 EHS 1967 classmates whose pictures were never included in the Nesika for a variety of reasons, so Larry is in good company. If you are among those, and can send us a personal photo circa 1967, we will post it on this website under the Photo Album / Missing Seniors page.


Ardyth Myres-Metz, 07/02/2007

I am still single and have 2 daughters. My daughter Angie lives in Oregon with my 2 very handsome grandsons, Alex and Jackson. My other daughter, Carissa, lives with me in Lake Forest Park with her 2 English Bullies, while working at Moss Adams downtown Seattle. When not at work I spend a lot of time making sure my Father has what he needs, and spending time with very old and dear friends. I will be leaving town on the morning of July 14th.


Don Carter, 06/29/2007 (Excerpt from the June 6th Reunion Committee minutes)

Working on the reunion committees over the years has been great fun and has made me realize how fortunate I have been to return to Everett and make my home and life here. We are all shaped by where we grew up and who we befriended. To all my friends and classmates—I thank you and look forward to seeing you at the reunion.

D.W. Carter, AKA "Sweets"


Ginny (and John) Bond, 06/09/2007

I [we] haven't figured out how to respond [to our reunion invitation]. Maybe, "Would love to come but will be out of the area on the day of the reunion." On the [registration] form it asks if we "want' to come to the reunion. Wanting to come to the reunion, or not, isn't the issue! John has been invited to present at the Oxford Round Table, in England, so we will be out of the area. I hope you will be able to put some pictures from the reunion on the EHS 1967 website. In any event, thank you for keeping us up to date and answering my questions, even though now we won't even be there! Enjoy the evening and keep us on the list for the 50th. 45th?


Carol [McCullough] Pinson, 06/05/2007

Live in North Palm Beach, FL....work in a trauma center as a registered nurse...work in the recovery room. I have been a nurse for 27 years and love it. Two children, 38 and 21...go figure...l have a nine year old granddaughter...I like being our age. Still love Seattle area...was there Oct. 2006...may relocate back there in a few years, assuming my 21 yr. old son graduates from college in a timely manner. I am happy with my life, and very little baggage or issues for the first time in years. Hope all of my old friends are happy, too....Wish I could be there in July...Have fun! Would love to see everyone...Are we grown up yet?..NOT! Carol

Reasons for NOT attending reunion: Just found out about it 06/2007..can't get time off work in summer...wish I could. Was in Seattle last October and visited with Nancy Stringfellow.


Steven Berg, 05/28/2007

I will be in Argentina for the month of July so I will not be able to attend [the 40-year reunion on July 14th].


Dennis Hendry, 05/22/2007

The reunion will be a great opportunity to see old friends and acquaintances. Hard to believe it's been 40 years.


Frances (Elaine) [Meeker] Carlson, 05/19/2007

I will be out of state and unable to attend the reunion.


Sandra [Bogdanovich] Swanson, 05/18/2007

Reasons for attending reunion: See old friends.


Salem (Randy) Towne, 05/09/2007

Retired at age 50 from real estate investments. Own properties in Florida where I snow-bird in the winter and own a Chimpanzee shelter. Fly a Cessna 150, have a Corvette and just try to enjoy life.

Reasons for attending reunion: See old friends.


Julie [Dickey] Firouzi, 05/07/2007

I attended the University of Washington after graduation. I taught sixth grade for one year in the Everett School District. I then left for Germany to teach German high school students English as a Second Language. From there, I lived in Iran for 3 years, teaching English and Atomic Energy classes to cadets in the Imperial Iranian Air Force. I met my husband, returned to the states and we raised a family - first in the Everett/Marysville area and later in Texas. We have lived in Texas for 16 years. We have always enjoyed world travel with our family and now retired, we continue to do so. We even traveled the USA for a year in a spacious new RV. I missed the kids and our grandson so much I frequently abandoned my husband in "foreign" states for several days at a time to fly home to Texas to get my "fix". Usually I also picked up, or dropped off, our pre-school aged grandson who frequently traveled with us. And so, we enjoy being at home in Texas or spending Christmas in the snow in Leavenworth with extended family, summers at Lake Chelan and along the coasts of Washington, Oregon and California. We travel "across the pond" to quench our thirst for something really different. I can't wait to see y'all at the reunion.

Reasons for attending reunion: To re-connect with my friends - Sue Moe, Nikki Koster, Anne Solle


Vince Feltes, 4/30/2007

How's it going? The planning committee has done a great job in organizing this event, and I will be there! I was just checking in. Steve Peterson said the invitations had been sent out, but I haven't received one yet. I gave my address some time ago, is it in the data base?

Reply - Hi Vince! You should have received an invitation in the mail. If not, you can register directly on the Reunions With Class (RWC) website. Press "Reserve Now" and enter your class code or select the option without a class code. Then, simply make your reservation online. Please contact us if you have any problems with the RWC site. Vince, we're looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!


John Hollister, 4/28/2007

I left Everett in 1968 when the parents moved to California. I'm still living here in San Diego and love it, but the wife and I are going to retire in Utah (no we aren't Mormons). The kids and grandkids live there. Hope to see all of you at the reunion.

Reasons for attending reunion: Started at EHS with the class of 67 and have a lot of friends I would love to see again.

Note - John was not on our class list, but will be added shortly! John, we're looking forward to seeing you at the reunion!


Nadene [Wood] Ward, 04/17/2007

Reasons for attending reunion: To see old classmates and friends.


Margie [Keefe] Lambert, 04/10/2007

I have lived in this area most of the time since graduation from Everett High School. We have four boys - two from my first marriage, and two more from my husband's first. We have two grandchildren and another one is due in August. I work at Rite Aid and am still playing soccer (though not as well any more).

Reasons for attending reunion: To see old friends.


Bill Hughes, 04/10/2007

Several of you offered your condolences following the recent loss of both my parents. I just want to let you know that your kind thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Toni [Oliver] Woodhull, 03/21/2007

I have worked for Providence Hospital for 16 years. I have two daughters. The oldest is Denise, and she has two children, Janden and Kiana (my grandchildren). My youngest daughter, Michelle, is getting married this July. She is a RN, working in a Mt. Vernon clinic. I am an avid horseback rider and belong to the Snohomish Chapter of the Backcountry Horseman Traildusters. My daughters and I have 3 horses - my grandchildren ride too. I can't wait to see everyone.

Reasons for attending reunion: See everyone.


Donna [Lundstrom] Hause, 03/18/2007

I have discovered that life exists outside of the classroom. After spending twelve years as an Everett school district student, five plus years as a college student, and thirty years as a teacher, I am now learning in the classroom of life. Upon reflection, I am grateful for the academic lessons I learned, but I am most gratified by the spiritual lessons. For the past two years I have been able to enhance my relationships with people, especially my wonderful husband, Michael, and extend my service to the community and the world. In the end, the "stuff" I surround myself with is meaningless, but the hearts I touch will thrive. With my passport in hand and my away bag packed, I am ready to go where I am needed.


Wilma (Dolly) [Zevenbergen] Gay, 03/16/2007

Reasons for attending reunion: See old friends.


Gayle [Syverson] Frink, 03/16/2007

Over the last 40 years: I got married in 1969 and have 2 daughters. The oldest is 35 and has 6 children. The youngest is 24 and is graduating on June 16th from City University, to become an elementary teacher. My husband, Tim, and I have owned Alpine Refrigeration Systems since 1984. We have lived in the same home for 30 years. We like to travel and have been to Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, most of the Caribbean Islands, Hawaii, and about 15 mainland states. I am looking forward to seeing old friends from school I haven't seen since the 25th reunion. I just wish more classmates would have been found. I was unaware there were so many of us that were on the "lost" list since I have had the same address and phone number for 30 years and the ones I have kept in contact with are also on the "missing" list. With only a few months before the reunion I would think it would be hard for others to arrange to attend on such short notice.

Reasons for attending reunion: See old friends.


Kristi O'Harran, Everett Herald Columnist, 03/15/2007

Hi. This is Columnist Kristi O'Harran at the Herald. I would love you to share your thoughts for an upcoming column. We mentioned in last Thursday's newspaper that a 1967 "Lost in Space" lunch bucket was worth $410. We got to talking about how we used to take our lunches to school, in a fancy bucket or in a plain paper bag? What did your mother send? Do you have a valuable old lunch box in the attic? Do you remember if you had a Roy Rogers or Dale Evans bucket? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Carol [Haatveit] Andersen, 03/10/2007

Andy and I have been married for 32 years. We have two sons, ages 29 and 27, plus a four-month-old granddaughter. We have lived in Ellensburg, WA for the last 16 years.


Sally [Mitchell] Barnum, 2/25/2007

Reasons for attending reunion: To visit with friends that were such a big part of my life growing up.

Susan Shipley, 02/23/2007

I have lived in the Phoenix Area for 15 years, and worked for Southwest Airlines for 14 years. I have three grown sons and six grandchildren. Two of my sons live within a mile of me, while the third son lives in Alaska. I fly to Washington and Alaska often. In April I am going to New Zealand.


John (Skip) Sponek, 02/20/2007

Played at EHS dances in a band called That Sound, still play at bars. Been working as a graphic artist for the Courier Islander Newspaper in Campbell River BC for 28 years. Spend my spare time playing with my old shovelhead Harley.

Reasons for attending reunion: See who's still around and have a cold beer.


Betty [Towle] Smith, 02/20/2007

Reasons for attending reunion: I'm really looking forward to reuniting with old friends.


Michele (Shelly) [Beilfus] Nondorf, 01/31/2007

I didn't make the 30-year reunion so it has been a long time since I have seen most of you. This website if terrific. It has been so much fun reading classmates' comments and seeing the pictures. Now you can take me off the "missing" list.

Reasons for attending reunion: To see everyone.

Note--Shelly was our first "find" through our Everett Herald reunion notice. Thank you, Everett Herald!


Diane (De) [Durr] Hansberry, 01/30/2007

Reasons for attending reunion: Looking forward to seeing "old" classmates.


Steve Cant, 01/20/2007

Have worked in occupational safety and health for more than 30 years; have two boys both in their 20's; am single again. Like snow skiing, football and baseball. I travel a bit on the job and currently am the national chair of a 26-states & territories group that operates workplace safety programs. So far I have lived in Everett, Seattle, Longview, Spokane, Lacey, and now Olympia. Can't beat Washington, for the people and the environment.

Reasons for attending reunion: Sounds like fun; curiosity.


Margot [Bay-Schmith] Newcomb, 01/18/2007

I left work and Western Washington, in July 2003. We bought 3 acres with an old one-room school and home on it, in Kettle Falls. We are in the process of repairing the school. We will be opening it to the community for performing arts, and for local artists to show and sell their wares.

Reasons for attending reunion: Just to see everyone I haven't seen in years and to find out what they've been doing.


Loren Bogart, 01/16/2007

Teresa and I have been married 33 years. We have 4 daughters and 12 grandchildren. I recently retired after 36 years in construction. I spent a couple years in Alaska and the rest of them with Lakeside Industries, whom I still work for part-time, consulting from my home. Besides raising children, Teresa and I spent 20 years trying to be competitive runners. We never made it, but we love being outdoors, enjoying this beautiful Pacific Northwest any way we can.

Reasons for attending reunion: Memories


Eugenia (Jeannie) [Merkel] Macrae-Smith, 01/09/2007

My husband and I just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary, in December. I have been employed with the JCPenney Company as a Salon Manager, in Vancouver, WA, for 27 years. I did leave the company for about 5 years to become a travel agent, which I loved. But after spending all my money on travel, I had to get a real job, so I went back to JCPenney, where I have been since 1997. I am going to retire in June. Yea!! I can't wait. My husband and I plan on moving to Boise where my son lives with his wife and four girls. My daughter lives in Washougal with her husband and 3 children. I hope to see many of my former classmates at the reunion. See you then!

Reasons for attending reunion: To catch up on what the class of '67 is doing and maybe see some "kids" I haven't seen since graduating.


Gayle [Handley] Carlson, 01/06/2007

Great ideas on the reunion. Will be nice to see everyone. Sorry to hear about all the ones we've lost. We will have a good time. I hope Gary Hajak comes this time.

Reasons for attending reunion: See how everyone looks after 40 years.


Wayne Henneck, 01/06/2007

Great job on putting this together!


Maureen (Moe) [Morrison] Rainville, 01/04/2007

I love being a Grandmother! My husband retired last year but I have a 3 day a week babysitting job now to pay for medical insurance. We have a mini business called Rainy Village Creations. We do some photography, and I teach craft and sewing classes. Life is busy busy busy but doing good.

Reasons for attending reunion: Margot said she would go if I would go!


Richard Layton, 01/02/2007

After working for 25 yrs for Everett Parts Distributors/Piston Service Everett.(1966-1991) I retired went back to school, actually while I was working, and became a Computer Aided Design Drafter/Engraver for Duren Controls Inc. I am still employed there. My wife Marsha and I have 3 wonderful girls and now 4 wonderful Grandsons. The Lord has truly blessed us.


Carl Larson, 12/22/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Anne [Meyer] Baumgartner, 12/12/2006

Scott and I lived in Spokane for 20 years, where I was an elementary and middle school teacher, and he had a rheumatology practice. We moved to Southern California a year ago for his new job, and I have temporarily retired from teaching. We have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Reasons for attending reunion: To see old friends.

Reunion ideas: Any location is fine, as long as the food is good and people can mingle and visit.


Teresa [White] Seibert, 12/11/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: Would just be good to see everyone again.


Nellie [Colyn] DeBruyn, 12/11/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: Get reacquainted with former classmates.


John Montgomery, 12/10/2006

After graduating from EHS, I went to ECC and graduated in 1969; worked for WSP for 5 years; went back to school at CWU earned a BA degree in Industrial Technology; worked for Pacific Power for nearly 20 years when they ended up closing all of their offices and then moved to San Francisco area for nearly 5 years. Was married to first wife, Carol, for 27 years and have two great children: Christi and Laura; remarried in San Francisco area and then moved back up to Washington (Lake Chelan area) 5 years ago where I had 3 businesses. Now have two businesses and work part time for post office as a rural route carrier. My wife, Alexa, is retiring this spring and I hope to in around 5 years. I just got out of hospital for prostrate cancer and had my prostrate removed. My brother, Mike, died from that last summer. We really enjoy the eastern side of Washington and look forward to seeing all of you at the reunion!

Reasons for attending reunion: Haven't been since the 10th!


Christina (Tina) Trapp, 12/07/2006

Greetings to all classmates from Christina. I'm living a rustic life on the Hood Canal. Have a little cabin with a breath taking view of the canal and Mt. Rainier. While in Everett on Federal we had a view of sunsets, here it is, sunrises. At this time, the love of my life is a very pregnant lab pound puppy. The highlight of my life has been a teaching stint on the Navajo Rez. Most of my best memories come from that period in my life. I still love traveling and visiting relatives in Germany. Recently have had some wonderful vacations with Dina.

Reasons for attending reunion: Casual gathering or great entertainment


Paula [Curnutt] Guttmann, 12/06/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Joey Long, 11/28/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Ross Cook, 11/27/2006

Thank you for the latest update. I enjoy reading the e-mails. Though it has been 40 years, seeing these names brings back memories as if they were yesterday. I was saddened to read the names of the class mates that are no longer with us. Dave Smith was in Vietnam roughly the same time I was so that really hit home. The next time you see Billy Tackitt tell him I said hi. He and I grew up together from the second grade through high school.


Janice [Smith] Kimberling, 11/23/2006

Have worked with Snohomish County Corrections for 20+ years. Visit Tucson, Arizona twice a year to see my son, daughter-in-law and four grandchildren. Spend time reading and quilting.

Reasons for attending reunion: To see old friends.


Michael Daoust, 11/21/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Dina Trapp, 11/13/2006

Feel like a kid again hearing from classmates. Look forward to getting together before the reunion, during the reunion and after.

Reasons for attending reunion: To consort with other EHS grads.

Reunion ideas: Inspiring Storytelling or Great entertainment like Stadium High School in Tacoma had.


Kathy [Stewart] Romstad, 11/08/2006

Hi! Just wanted you to know that the Decorations team is already hard at work. Susie and I have picked a date in December to meet at the Hilton Garden Inn to check out the room, set-up options, linens, etc. We will also try to take a peek across the street at the Flight Museum while we're in the neighborhood. Thought I'd ask if you had a contact name and number for the Catering Dept. at the Hilton? Also, do you remember the website address for the Class of 1966 reunion that was mentioned two meetings ago? I'd like to see if there were any pictures posted that might show the decorations they used.......just for ideas. Also, we'll do our best to try and recruit more "gals" (as Tackitt put it) to hopefully take on the "Nostalgia" piece. Thanks again to whoever picked up the tab for my wine (Tackitt and Dorsey?) Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. Oh, and thanks for the explanation on the Friday night function...................no biggee as far as I'm concerned either way............it might even be fun with a few Bruins there, I guess!


Steve & Sally Anderson, 11/06/2006

Thanks for all your effort in getting the class of 67 organized! I am pleased to inform the team that Sally Norway Anderson and I are still residing at the same address and her (our) personal email information is [omitted to protect privacy]. I am certain that Sally would like to receive updates - she is the more responsible member of the family anyway.


Jeep Carpenter, 11/05/2006

Katie and I have been married for 24 years and have two girls, Kelsey (22) and Jenny (20) both of whom graduated from EHS. Kelsey attended WSU and is now getting her nursing degree from Walla Walla Community College and Jenny is attending UW where she is a junior. Katie teaches for the Everett School Dist. at the Denny Youth Center and I have been an attorney with a local law firm, Anderson Hunter for the past 28 years.

Reasons for attending reunion: To see everyone.

Reunion ideas: I would prefer not to do a "sit down" dinner.


Ray Lamming, 10/31/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: Just to see how everyone is. I have not kept in touch with very many classmates.


Margo [Blackford] Hugley, 10/24/2006

Registered by proxy: "Margo will try to register at her daughters on the Web. She doesn't have a computer. Theresa Kline gave me her cell phone number."


Theresa [Kline] Lehman, 10/11/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Rita Krusmark, 10/11/2006

Registered by proxy. No messages with registration - fill in later.


Sharon Knudson, 10/11/2006

Registered by proxy. No messages with registration - fill in later.


Kathy [Kellogg] Bagley (and Earl Bagley), 10/11/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Mike Kasch, 10/11/2006

Registered by proxy. No messages with registration - fill in later.


Jerry Kadyk, 10/11/2006

Registered by proxy. No messages with registration - fill in later.


Mary [Hurley] Dahmen, 10/09/06

e-Mail: I haven't been to a reunion since the 10th, so I am looking forward to attending.


Jennifer [Johnston] Georges, 10/08/2006

Dear Committee,

Thank you for organizing the EHS 40th reunion! I am very impressed with this website and being contacted by Annette Kerber. The committee is really on the ball! I am very much looking forward to the reunion. I am still teaching school and it takes up all my time (and most of my energy). I live in Kirkland with my husband, Britt. We spent all last year remodeling our house--something I will never, ever do again. Several of us (Sally Mitchell, Margaret Gish, Susan Jensen, Susan Radke and I) get together every summer. Needless to say, we always talk about the "good old days" at EHS. Thanks for all your hard work.

Reasons for attending reunion: To see everyone again.


Janice [Jasper] Legg, 10/05/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: See old friends.


Linda Bauman-Houglum, 10/03/2006

Greetings from Alaska! It is wonderful to hear about the class reunion!! Thank you to the "working committees" who will make this special event happen! Will write more later....

Reasons for attending reunion: It would be wonderful to see everyone again!!! It would be fun to remember so many significant moments with friends during our high school years at EHS. I want to share life stories with each other, to be proud, happy, and supportive of each other at this time in our lives. As I remember, the EHS Class of 1967 was a gifted group of students showing much promise for the future. What a great time to get together to celebrate our lives and each other!!! Hope Tom and I will be able to be there....

Reunion ideas:

1. How about a Reunion T-Shirt with a meaningful quote from the past or a wish for the future to our class? Could be worn for informal get-togethers and help solve the "clothes" issue.

2. People will probably do this anyway, but bring pictures to share!! Lots of them!

3. Have a photographer take pictures of friends, groups, (e.g. choir/band members present, etc.), spouses/significant others, etc. Maybe a large group picture as a memento.

4. How about a donation to Habitat for Humanity or the Boys & Girls Club or ???? in honor of the members of our class (living and deceased). I think this opportunity would be legacy and be meaningful in a hands-on way. We are still the generation that wants to make the world a better place!


Mary [Hurley] Dahmen, 10/01/2006

Registered by proxy: "Mary may have registered herself so I am just submitting the info I obtained. Her parents live in Everett and she seemed quite interested in attending the reunion."


Vickie [Hoyden] Pilch, 10/01/2006

Registered by proxy: "Vickie would like to have information on the reunion mailed to her so she can discuss plans with her husband."


Bill Houghton, 10/01/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: For a fun time with old friends.


Art Johnson, 10/01/2006

Registered by proxy: "Art has been married 38 years to Cathy Johnson. He has 2 children and 4 grandchildren living in Idaho. When he retires he and Cathy hope to move to Idaho to be closer to his family. He is currently employed by Petro Card as a truck driver, working 12 hour shifts much of the time."


Cynthia [Berentson] Aanestad, 09/29/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: See old friends and see what guys still have all their hair (and teeth).


Bill Hughes, 09/15/2006


Dear EHS 1967 Classmates,


Like many of us, I left Everett shortly after high school to serve in the armed forces. Soon afterward, I married Becky (CHS '67), my lovely bride of 37 years, and we raised three wonderful, successful children. During that time, despite having underperformed in high school, I also graduated from the University of Washington with a BA in Economics, earned an MBA from Seattle University, attended Seattle University School of Law, and joined Mensa. I've been an executive insider or a management consultant with some of America's largest, best-known corporations, for whom I've lived, worked and traveled all over the United States.

At the risk of sounding like John Boy Walton, I will never forget childhood in that odoriferous, gritty, and tough but friendly old mill town that was Everett in the 1950s and 60s. I have vivid memories of attending grades 1-12 with many of you, and grades 7-12 with many more. In my mind, the quirky nostalgia of Garrison Keillor's tales of fictitious Lake Wobegon is no more poignant than that from the real-life Everett of our day, but I digress. Despite all of our travels and the fact most of us have lost touch, I've always felt our EHS Class of 1967 is like brothers and sisters in some vast extended family, playing out our lives on this grand stage of life.

This website is my brainchild and I hope visitors find something worthwhile. I conceived, created, maintain, host, and fund the site solely for the benefit of my former EHS classmates. Like any parent, I'm rather attached to my offspring and a bit protective. However, your ideas, suggestions and contributions to site content are more than welcome. In fact, I would appreciate them and will certainly give you full credit where they are used.


To reach me, other EHS 1967 committee members, or other classmates in general, sign our Guestbook and visit our Contact Us page. Until we meet again, we'd love to hear from you!

Warmest regards,

Bill Hughes


Joan [Long] Burns, 09/14/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: Keep up on old friends.


David Weatherholt, 09/14/2006

      This is a very nice site. Someone did a lot of work; I know that Bill Hughes has had a lot to do with the site development. Great job and Thanks.

     Our High School days were a long time ago and it amazes me the impact it has had on my life that short 3 years filled with so many great memories. It saddens me though to see the memorial page and to learn that not all of us continue on the journey.

     Enough waxing poetic. I've lived in Anchorage, Alaska for the past 18 years and have developed strong feelings for the city and state. My wife and I live comfortably and enjoy our two surviving grown children Jamie, 31, and Jennifer 24. My daughter Angie passed away 6 year ago at the age of 31.

     We enjoy working in our yard and my wife, JoEllen, is an avid quilter and loves home decorating projects. JoEllen is from Colorado but has lived in a number of different states. She is a former nurse who changed careers’ by getting an MBA and now is a VP with Wells Fargo Investments. She is a great person and a good friend.

     I enjoy playing handball and officiating high school football and have worked in three high school state championship games and a number of semi and quarter final playoffs. I also try to get a little fishing in.

     Currently I am an adjunct professor at Alaska Pacific University teaching accounting and finance courses and also run a consulting business which specializes in providing high level accounting/financial services to small and medium size businesses.

     This past year I formed a company called Alaska Professional Sports, Inc. and have been trying to bring an Arena Football 2 team to Anchorage called the Alaska Wild. If I’m successful at this venture the Alaska Wild will be in the same division and play the Everett Hawks on a regular basis. That would be fun:)

     We enjoy traveling. I’ve traveled to 40 different Alaska Villages and once ran into Bob Myers in Barrow, Alaska. I’ve also traveled to the Russian Far East on several occasions and taught courses or was a guest lecturer at a number of different Russian Universities. My wife and I have traveled to Europe spending time in England, Austria, Czech Republic, and Italy. Our favorite vacation spot is San Diego and we have been to Hawaii a number of times. I’ve just recently return from San Juan, Puerto Rico on business.

     I visit my family in the Everett area at least once a year and enjoy going to lunch with Skip Gipson we always have a great time. If any one else would like to do lunch either while visiting Alaska or when I get back to Everett give me a call and we can set something up, my cell #907-360-9241.

     Warmest Regards, David Weatherholt.

Reasons for attending reunion: Keep in touch with past friends.


Annette Kerber, 09/13/2006

We need to keep us all together until we can’t. We are the 75th class. Very special. I worked in the PC/Lan and Telecom group for 20 years at the Bank so I know what you are doing. You are awesome! I went all through school with some of our classmates. Garfield Elementary, North Junior, and Everett High School. It is so nice to see everyone. I do have a few friends at Cascade through TFC and old church Central Lutheran. See you soon.


Jane [Perin] Weight, 09/11/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Don Fuge, 09/10/2006

(From Herb Fuge): Don is in the hospital recovering from a heart attack at this time. Give him a few days to get home. Thanks. Herb, class of 1966.


Jody [Johnson] Rosser, 09/07/2006

I haven't lived in Washington in 25 years. Because of corporate America we have moved 8 times in those years and only repeated 2 states. Now semi-retired and living in Colorado.

Reasons for attending reunion: Haven't seen classmates in 30 years. It would be fun to reunite.


Helen [Hendrickson] Kane (and Ross Kane), 08/19/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Susie [Peterson] Schmidt, 08/14/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: See everyone.


Kathy [Stewart] Romstad, 08/07/2006

Life is good. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters, the oldest of which got married this summer. Our youngest is a Junior at Western Washington University. My husband retired 7 years ago and attempts to be a house-husband while I continue to work at the same great company and for the same great guy for the past 36 years, but I'm going to be cutting back on work beginning next month, which I'm definitely looking forward to. My main source of Everett communication is with Susie Peterson Schmidt and Harold McNeil. I'm looking forward to catching up with everyone at the reunion next summer.

Reasons for attending reunion: See friends again.

Reunion ideas: I would only come to one function so would prefer one night.


Janet [Howard] Zuvela, 07/25/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: To see "old" friends!


Gail [Murphy] Anderson, 07/19/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Wayne Henneck, 07/17/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: See people I haven't seen in 40 years.


Jim Henshaw, 07/16/2006

This is my first visit.

Reasons for attending reunion: I've never been to one.


Annette Kerber, 07/14/2006

Single. I've lived in Edmonds for 32 years but may move North sometime. My job of 30.7 years at US Bank was centralized in 2005 to Minneapolis and Denver. I now work at Northwest Hospital in North Seattle. I sing with SnoKing Community Chorale at Edmonds Community College and our new home will be at the new Edmonds Performing Arts Center in downtown Edmonds. I am blessed to have my Dad. He will be 88 in November. He remarried when my Mom died. He married Darlene Law. I have had Husky Football season tickets for 20 years and attend the games with my Dad. I very much look forward to seeing and talking with everyone at the reunion. Feel free to call me or email me. Reason for attending reunion: To see and converse with my old classmates - everyone.

Reunion ideas: Make sure our name tags have our graduation pictures on on them.


Beverly [Meyer] Willms, 07/10/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Mary [Saunders] Sneddon, 07/08/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: Just visit with old friends.

Thank you for your work. I look forward to putting a date on the calendar.


Kristie Larson, 07/05/2006

I have never come to a class reunion, so this might be it. Forty years is unbelievable. I taught in Everett for 31 years and then moved to a home on the water ten miles south of Birch Bay.


Steve Peterson, 06/29/2006

Retired from the maritime industry after 32 years. Divorced, no kids. Condo on Alki in West Seattle. Waterfront acreage on Hood Canal.


Liz [Hintz] Jones, 06/28/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: Visit with classmates I have not seen in a long time.


Margaret [Gish] Campbell, 06/27/2006

I'm teaching third grade and love it. We're doing a bit of traveling but I love spending summers at our lake place on Lake Coeur d'Alene. A few years ago I was hosting a high school girl friends (Sally Mitchell, Susan Jensen, and Susan Prescott) retreat and guess who we met on the water...Jeep Carpenter. What a small world!

Reasons for attending reunion: See old friends.


Glenna [Ross] Boldrick, 06/27/2006

Hope to attend the reunion. See you all there!


Susan [Jensen] Aaby, 06/26/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: See my "old" friends...old sweethearts!

Reunion ideas: 1st night (just the EHS gang); 2nd night (significant others)

e-Mail: Great to hear that a planning committee has been formed. For the last 10 summers, Margaret Gish, Sally Mitchell, Susan Radke, myself and Jennifer Johnston get together for a two-three night sleep over. We were wondering if anyone was going to plan for it. We all meet the second week in August, so if there is something we all could do together those days, let me know. I would love to help in the planning as well. Let me know.


Carol [Carter] Starcher, 06/26/2006

No messages with registration - fill in later.


Mike Hirt, 06/25/2006

What is the word on our 40-year (Gasp! Can you believe it?) Class Get-Together? I had been trying for over a year to get information, before finding this website. I went to South Junior and Everett High. I graduated with the class of '67, and you will find me in the '65 and '66 Nesika, but not the '67. I was going to join the Army before graduation, but changed my mind. It was too late to get my picture in the '67 Nesika.


Marnie Hargraves, 06/24/2006

I am not lost and so far, not dead. If you have a lost list I will take a look and see if I know any one. Later, Marnie.


Joan Marie [Perin] Walsh, 06/24/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: Getting to see everyone after all these years!!


Dan Alexander, 06/24/2006

I retired 6 years ago and just completed a PhD in Mining Engineering at West Virginia University where I teach Mining Engineering courses. Married with two sons, both in engineering school. Dan

Reunion ideas: On the beach at Madrona or the Jetty


Dave Anglin, 06/24/2006

Reasons for attending reunion: I have only been able to attend one since graduation.


Mari [Bliss] Davis, 06/21/2006

Fill in later.

Reasons for attending reunion: To see my classmates


Dallas Salisbury, 06/19/2006

I will review the (classmate) lists mentioned above and let you know (if I know anyone's contact info). I have been in DC since 1974. This website is a great idea and a great contribution. Thank you!

Reasons for attending reunion: I missed the 30th and am looking forward to the 40th and catching up.


Barbara [Baker] Corallo, 06/12/2006

Very cool! Thank you.


Vince Feltes, 06/12/2006

Hello all. Good work on the web site, looks like a good layout and seems to cover all the essentials. Just want to say that everyone is doing a great job in getting this task underway and trying to make this reunion happen, I know it's a lot of work and takes extra time out of everyone's schedule. Sorry I couldn't make the meeting but I'm over on the east side in Spokane, it would have been good to see everyone. Vince


Mari [Bliss] Davis, 6/11/2006

It's been a few years . . . ! Let me know if there is anything I can do at this end. Do you have lists of classmates that have not been found? I'm looking forward to seeing everyone! Love, Bliss


Carlton (Skip) Gipson, 05/06/2006

Thanks for the email. I have had a busy week and have not had a chance until now to get back to you. I can't believe that it has been 40 years next year, but once I stop long enough to think about it WOW. I would love to attend a planning meeting, but Tuesdays are my Council meeting. Please keep me in the loop though and perhaps I can make the next one.


Noel Lloyd, 05/03/2006

Hi. Thanks for your efforts on behalf of the class of ’67.


Marge [Thomas] Thompson, 05/01/06

40 years already? HOLY CRAP!