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We Served

We few, we happy few,

We band of brothers;
For he today that

Sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother.

From Saint Crispin's Day Speech, Henry V

William Shakespeare, 1599


Brothers In ArmsThe year 1967 was a very different time for the young men of Everett and across the United States.  All were required to register for the Selective Service on their eighteenth birthday, and carry a government-issued draft card until age twenty-six. The military draft system of the day was widely viewed as arbitrary, unfair, politicized, and corrupt. Worse, many believed the process favored the privileged and well-connected. An objective, lottery-based draft was yet to be enacted, and the modern all-volunteer military would not become a reality until 1973, when Congress abolished the draft. However, potential reenactment of a military draft will always remain a critical option for our nation's defense.

Everett High School's Class of 1967 graduated in the midst of the Vietnam War, one of the most contentious and divisive conflicts ever faced by our nation. In many ways, Vietnam will forever define our generation. A large number of us served in the military after attending Everett High School. Some were drafted, and others volunteered. A few avoided military service by joining the counterculture and going underground, or by fleeing to Canada.

The Vietnam War was a time of political and social upheaval, and the biggest youth uprising of the Twentieth Century. It was a hard, thankless, gut-wrenching time for all Americans, but especially for those serving in the armed forces. Fortunately, those who've served since then have enjoyed a more welcoming and supportive home front.

Nationally, at least 58,178 soldiers lost their lives in the Vietnam War, and are named on The Wall, including over 1,140 from Washington State. Among them are at least thirty-nine (39) Snohomish County soldiers, including ten (10) EHS alumni, six (6) from Cascade High School, and seven (7) from Marysville High School (see Faces From the Wall). An additional unknown number of soldiers from the Everett-area died during the war from non-combat-related causes.

We want to find, thank, and honor all military veterans from EHS Class of 1967. If you served on active-duty in the military, or are aware of other alumni who did, send us an e-mail with as much information as you can (see Contact Us). We will add your information to the list below.

EHS 1967 Alumni  Service Years Notes
David Anglin U.S. Air Force  1967-89 5
Earl Bagley  U.S. Air Force  1967-73 
Terry Barlow  U.S. Army 1969?  3, 4 
Ray Barnett  U.S. Air Force 
Bob Benway ? ? ?
Loren Bogart  U.S. Army  1967-70  4
Craig Callahan  ?
John Cardin  U.S. Army  1967-70?  4
Paul Carlin  U.S. Air Force  1968-72  5
Ken Carman  U.S. Marines  1968-69  4
Steve Clough 
Ross Cook  U.S. Army  1968-71 
R. Mike Daoust  U.S. Army  1968-70 
Diane [Durr] Hansberry  U.S. Navy  1982-2004 
Bob Faulkner * U.S. Army  1969? 
Gale Gibson  U.S. Navy  ?
Jim Gibson 
Dean Hanson  U.S. Air Force  1967-69 
Dick Harrison 
Dennis Hendry  U.S. Navy 
Harold Henning  U.S. Army  4, ? 
Jim Henshaw  U.S. Navy  1970-83  5
Mike Hirt  U.S. Army  1967-70, 72-79 
John Hollister  U.S. Army  1967-70 
Ed Hoyden  U.S. Coast Guard  1970-74 
Bill Hughes  U.S. Air Force  1968-72 
Art Johnson  U.S. Army  1969-71 
Merritt Kline  U.S. Navy  1968-71 
Jim Leese  U.S. Army  1970-71
Joey Long  U.S. Army  1967-70 
Laurence McKenrick  U.S. Navy  1967-89 
Walter Medley  U.S. Army  1969-72  3, 4 
Rudy Murgo U.S. Army 1971-2010 6, 7
Mike Perin  U.S. Navy  1969-73 
Bob Pringle  U.S. Navy 
Tom Rodgers  U.S. Navy 
Glenna [Ross] Boldrick  U.S. Air Force  1996-99 
Tom Silander  U.S. Navy 
David Smith ** U.S. Army  1969-70  1, 4 
Gordon Soley  U.S. Army  1966-69  4? 
Mike Stanton 
John Stengrund  U.S. Navy  1967-71 
Ed Stortro  U.S. Army  1970-72 
Salem (Randy) Towne  U.S. Navy  1969-72 
Dave Weatherholt  U.S. Army  1968-70 
Lloyd Wilbur  U.S. Army  1969-71 
* Noncombat related death while on active duty
** Killed in Action on May 17, 1970 at age 21 - Panel 10W, Line 57 of The Wall
  1. Killed in action
  2. Died on active duty
  3. Served in Vietnam
  4. Wounded in action
  5. Served overseas (other)
  6. Served in U.S.
  7. Combination of Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard